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1793 Letter Carrier or Bell Man (U2)

Image of 1793 Letter Carrier or Bell Man (U2)


Postal uniforms were issued to lettercarriers (London only). These men collected postage fees on delivery, thus a uniform might give protection, but the men thought this marked them out as bearer of money. Even so, they were issued with; Beaver hat, with gold band an cockade, scarlet coat (cut-away style) with blue lapels and cuffs, brass buttons & blue cloth waistcoat. In 1856, trousers were also issued, as mens' own ragged garments had presented an odd contrast. uniforms were later issued to provincial offices employing a minimum of 13 carriers (Bath employed 17). Our man carries a brass bell (introduced in 1846). This enabled him to advertise his presence and collect the letters, which an eager public hurriedly brought out to him.